I’m Bob Parsons. My daughter got me onto the Internet last year so I decided to have a go at doing a little website about me and my family. I’m a Deffry Vale resident born and bred and for the last 23 years I’ve been teaching history at Deffry Vale School (link to Deffry Vale School).

As well an interest in everything from ancient archaeology through to coastal rock formations, I run the Round Table History Club. We meet every Wednesday in the Town Hall.

This term we're devoting an entire series of lectures to the life and times of one of our greatest monarchs, Queen Victoria. She ruled the UK and Ireland for 63 years – a period of huge social, economic and technological change for this country. – feel free to pop along if you want to talk about one of history’s greatest women.

I also like bowling.

This is my wife, Rebecca: We’ve been married for 25 years – she deserves a medal for putting up with me for so long! She works for the local council.

Our daughter, Nicola is just about to head off to Edinburgh University to study History. I’m very proud of her.

Our House, Our Caravan and Our Pooches! Can you guess which is which?!?

So that’s who we are. My brother owes me £10 now as he bet I wouldn’t be able to set this up - I’ll take a cheque, Nick.